Here’s an observation,  developed after two decades writing for and about non-profit organisations:

Good writing improves lives.


Good writing means increased focus, clearer thinking and better service for beneficiaries. It means winning more grants, attracting more volunteers, retaining happier staff.

That is good for everyone.

A voluntary organisation wanting to improve its writing has two main options. Hire someone to write for them. Or hire someone to train their staff.

Both are good options. We offer both.

writing services

It all starts with the brief.

What do you want to achieve? Who are the target readers? What will be different for them when they’ve read the piece? Everything flows from the answers to those questions.

You don’t have to write the brief. The best ones are negotiated, the result of conversations, questions, answers, research, headscratching….or whatever it takes. Alt62 will take you through the options.

Once the brief is established, if we can help we will. Expect words to be:

Delivered before deadline. Habits of weekly magazine journalism too ingrained to do otherwise.

To length. There are 175 words on this page. The target was 180. It’s enough.

Accurate and reliable. It’s not true that we’ve never made a mistake. But we don’t make many. They hurt.

Fresh, clear and thought-provoking. That’s what readers and clients tend to say.

Writing is team work. A good understanding between writer and commissioner shows in the quality and effectiveness of the product. It’s worth putting effort into any new relationship. Starting with a small-scale project makes sense.


An alt62 writing workshop helps participants identify what they need to work on. It gives them set of practical tools to use for the rest of their writing lives. Workshops can be designed around a particular need, and delivered on your premises or off-site.

Sample workshops, either recently delivered or currently being planned, are:

  • Taking minutes seriously
  • Planning to write
  • Writing to persuade
  • Crafting the draft
  • Organising and improving

Coaching can target specifics, such as vagueness about grammar, punctuation or style. It can look more broadly at organisation and work management. It can deal with procrastination or perfectionism, and anything between.

solving problems

Sometimes you know why your writing project isn’t fit for purpose. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what’s not working.

An outside view can help. Alt62 has experience of getting wayward projects back on track, whether the task is to restructure, rewrite or just help diagnose what’s amiss.

The technique, as always, is to go back to the brief, the target audience and the purpose. A skilled editor can quickly match those against the existing draft and see the best way forward. We will do our best to work within your deadline, however tight. Helping good projects that are running out of time is a challenge we enjoy.

about & contact

The alt62 partners have worked together since the early 1990s. Peter is the creative talent, responsible for writing & editing, and the direct work with clients. Sarah, as the business manager, does the back office, finance and strategic thinking.
Most recently, the partners have worked with the British Red Cross, Crimestoppers, the National Youth Agency, and the Financial Services Authority. Over the years we have produced awareness-raising or educational material for large and small organisations including Save the Children, ECPAT, and Deafblind UK.
For many years Peter was a respected education-based journalist. Under his byline PJ White, he supplied quick guides and talking point columns for weekly magazines Young People Now and Children Now (before they merged), as well as feature articles on youth-related issues.
alt62 is also behind the acclaimed youth money website.

The alt62 partners have worked together since the early 1990s. Peter is the creative talent, the digital communicator, responsible for the words and the direct work with clients. Sarah, as the business manager, controls the finance, admin and strategic thinking.

We have written awareness-raising or education materials for voluntary sector clients, large and small.  We have written bids for small businesses responding to public sector tenders. We run workshops, coach and mentor staff on all forms of persuasive writing.

Peter is a respected journalist within the voluntary sector. He currently writes features for Third Sector magazine, under the byline PJ White.  See links to them on the PJ White website, or search Third Sector.  For many years, he supplied quick guides and talking point columns for weekly magazines Young People Now and Children Now, as well as countless features. There are still some of his features for Guardian society and New Statesman around online.

Alt62 was also behind the Youth Money website, which was well regarded in its day. More recently, we ran the Leicester Finance site for a year as an interesting experiment.

A quick point on copyright. We produce words for clients and license them for particular uses. We do not assign all rights. More on this on the PJ White website.

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