The personal data alt62 collects might typically include name, address, employing organisation, job title, phone numbers and email address. We might acquire it through correspondence, from a form on the site, through phone conversation or personal contact. However we acquired it, we are strict about using it only for the purposes we were given it, storing it securely and never disclosing it to anyone else.

Google analytics is set up on this website, and it gathers and stores statistical information. This is so I can see how many people are using the site, what pages they are most interested in, how long they hang around and so on. It also collects figures supposedly about what browser and device people are using, what part of the world they are from and so on. I use it just a mildly interesting, without taking it too seriously. As far as I am aware, it’s all anonymous. It’s also all over the web.

I have enabled a function that displays the avatars of people commenting. I don’t know how much this bothers people. I could turn it off—but then people using avatars presumably like it.

Personal information gathered by alt62 is kept securely on passworded modern computers and all efforts are made to protect it from unauthorised access.

The personal information alt62 collects is only ever what is necessary for the task in hand. It will never be sold or passed to a third party without consent.

If you would like to see what personal information alt62 holds on you, let us know using email or the contact form. We will find a safe and secure way of letting you know. (You can be pretty sure it is what you have given us—most likely your name, phone number and email address.)