writing services

It all starts with the brief.

What do you want to achieve? Who are the target readers? What will be different for them when they’ve read the piece? Everything flows from the answers to those questions.

You don’t have to write the brief. The best ones are negotiated, the result of conversations, questions, answers, research, headscratching….or whatever it takes. Alt62 will take you through the options.

Once the brief is established, if we can help we will. Expect words to be:

Delivered before deadline. Habits of weekly magazine journalism too ingrained to do otherwise.

To length. There are 175 words on this page. The target was 180. It’s enough.

Accurate and reliable. It’s not true that we’ve never made a mistake. But we don’t make many. They hurt.

Fresh, clear and thought-provoking. That’s what readers and clients tend to say.

Writing is team work. A good understanding between writer and commissioner shows in the quality and effectiveness of the product. It’s worth putting effort into any new relationship. Starting with a small-scale project makes sense.